CDPE – Charfen’s Blog: Short Sale Flips

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The practice of flipping short sales is at best unethical, and at worst illegal. Learn the facts, and understand why as a real estate agent, your first responsibility should be to the homeowner. Don’t jeopardize your license and integrity over the potential for a fast profit.

3 comments to CDPE – Charfen’s Blog: Short Sale Flips

  • dpylyp  says:

    Good Information, well presented, you have a casual and comfortable delivery on camera. You are providing valuable and honest advice to your viewers.
    In my Toronto Market, Short Sales may occur but they are very rare. Our Power of Sale properties seek the shortfall from the Borrowers. Any balance in excess of 80% of Purchase price is insured by law or the lender takes the entire risk.

    If you need something in Toronto or Oakville, Canada Google me

    David Pylyp

  • sj95120  says:

    Thanks for the great info.

  • ldngeno  says:

    Thanks Alex. This video saved me from making a big mistake.

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