Dan’s Foreclosure Story

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Dan and his family lost their home due to broker’s lies and avarice We must put a personal face on foreclosure, and we must take action if we have any chance of preventing millions of people from losing their homes. Have you been affected by the housing crisis? Do you know anyone who has? We’re asking you to record your story, or the story of a friend, family member, or neighbor, and send it to us in a video or through a written submission. We’re collecting stories to display on FightingForOurHomes.com.

25 comments to Dan’s Foreclosure Story

  • AceOfHeart2012  says:

    I firmly believe that we ALL will soon be replevined. The banksters WILL be forced to return the property they have stolen. Nutshell: The borrower signs a note. The lender receives a bond. Those are two different things. If we let them continue with this fraud you are giving houses to brokers who never put up a penny for the funding of the note. We don’t expect free houses, but we certainly don’t expect the brokers to get free houses either which under the current system is clearly the case.

  • Gofightsystem  says:

    It is really just unacceptable that this guy did not understand the terms of his mortgage. It is even worst that the mortgage broker put this family in a loan like this. I can’t think of anything who would want a mortgage that increases in rate and in monthly payments. This broker did not serve these people right. Unfortunately there were so many mortgage brokers like this one.

  • patriciaannpat  says:

    Back in the 70s there was never anything like this ..you mortgage was set and in 20 years you house was paid for ..they did not sell off your loads ..this guy is right ..people who got loads where cheated …But one more thing here is you house dose not go up in value in the first 5 years and people took money out of there homes

  • navyseal100  says:


  • gunnguy12  says:

    Awe the American way. Foreclose on Americans so China can buy us out.. All just a matter of time. We own so little of America anymore. They next takeover will not be a battle it will be eviction…… The American Dream That Americans Cant Live….. Fead The World And Starve Your Own Our Forefathers Would Be Proud. !!!!!!!!

  • MobileHomeTours  says:

    Hmm. I wouldn’t mind checking the facts behind this, but I know a lot of people use to get cheated when getting mortgages. It was 75% the mortgage brokers fault and 25% there own. Mortgage brokers usually don’t explain mortgages very well, adjustable rates, balloon notes etc. I’m a realtor and I’ve pissed a lot of mortgages guys off buy stopping loans when I thought they were getting my customers on the interest rate (they USE to make money upping interest)

  • onecoolgreek  says:

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  • hbloch1  says:

    Never buy a Fraudulent Toll Brothers Home………Must View: YouTube………………….
    Looking For Schmucks

  • pushycatpops  says:

    I am so sorry for your family-been there

  • atlasshrugged2u  says:

    Whether the guy made a mistake and got ahead of himself or not; why are people bashing him and calling him names?…There’s some cold hearted people out there. You know what you uncaring pricks?…the same thing is going to happen to you 3 X over for not having any sympathy or empathy for people who get caught in the system’s snare.
    You all amaze me judging someone so harshly like you’ve never made mistakes. You have no compassion for others, no one will have compassion for you!!!!

  • TheSGV626  says:

    @hotdogitsemily No One force his Fat Ass to sign the papers? i know lot’s of people that have lost there job And they get another Job and may i say They Get not just One But 2 JOB’S!!!! To Pay for there “House” they do it for the Kid’s!!! so no tears here from ME!! And Yes he is very Layz…

  • hotdogitsemily  says:

    @TheSGV626 Really? Did you not hear the part about him being lied to on the mortgage papers?

  • TheSGV626  says:

    This Guy is a no good “Layz” Dumb Fuk!! He shouldnt of bought this house if he couldnt afford it!!!

  • rhastaman1960  says:

    The system of mortgage finance was set up in such a way so that the borrower is put in a position that they are dealing with professionals that guide them through the process (you know like that confusing HUD Form), now after everything blows up who’s fault is it really? I’m for seeing bankers in prison.

  • loki04sw  says:

    congratulations you dumb motherfucker!
    You bought a house when the rate was low, but the rate always goes up!
    You shouldnt bought this house if you couldnt afford it, do the fucking math!

  • ANYSIA000  says:

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  • lorenzooliver714  says:

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  • rmsmith1126  says:

    There’s not much information given in this story. I see the house, and it is not worth $2,700 per month. Dan moves awfully slow like an old dinosaur movie; he really should take better care of his health since he has a family to support. Dan and his family should have moved to the mid-west where the lower costs and slower pace would likely better suit them.

  • StSimonMartyr  says:

    Found this, Jackass

    Impossible Foreclosure: Never Late on a Payment
    By Barry Ritholtz -- Dec 29th, 2010

    “In one of the more bizarre foreclosure cases, Bank of America is threatening to throw a West Hartford family out of their home even though the couple never missed a mortgage payment.

    All this is happening even though the bank – after admitting it erred and sent a letter of apology in September – handed this case to a special unit at Bank of America.”



  • dasconnington  says:

    @StSimonMartyr Goes to show what a f-ing idiot you really are…Ive been a real est appraiser (business owner) for 30 yrs, it doesnt happen, if someone told you that its BS…you are a ignorant fool pal. Ive seen what really happens…THEY KEPT TAKING EQUITY OUT UNTIL THERE WAS NONE ASSWIPE!!!!!!

  • StSimonMartyr  says:

    Theres Dozens of such stories…read jackass

    Banks sell mortgages, process centers dont forward payments, etc etc

    Banks are not your friend, dipstick

  • dasconnington  says:

    @StSimonMartyr Um how does someone who never pissed a pmt end up in foreclosure? You sir are an IDIOT!!!!

  • divabikinis  says:

    The Federal Trade Commission today stepped up its ongoing campaign against scammers who falsely promise guaranteed jobs and opportunities to “be your own boss” to consumers who are struggling with unemployment and diminished incomes as a consequence of the economic downturn. “Operation Empty Promises,” a multi-agency law enforcement initiative today announced more than 90 enforcement actions including FHTM.

  • floridaman2000  says:

    this guy should be more worried about supporting himself before finding where he can stick his pee pee at, it got him 2 kids that costs you more than just an arm and leg. and you should have not had kids being it costs money. i know he loves kids and so do i but if you can not aford mortgages do not have kids, i blame him for his problems

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