Dave Overholser – Lease Options Tampa – Rent to Own Homes

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 Dave Overholser – Lease Options Tampa – Rent to Own Homes


Oct. 22, 2013TAMPA, Fla. Dave Overholser, a real estate sales professional in Tampa Bay who recently relocated here from WV is offering a lease with option to buy program which is an alternative to traditional real estate sales and creates win win situations for all parties involved.

Dave Overholser, www.DaveOverholser.com, has an extensive background in distressed and lease option properties and has been in the real estate industry for 5 years.

“I started doing Lease Options in my own business about 5 years ago as a way to help out both tenants and property owners.  I saw a unique opportunity with property owners who were wanting to sell, but couldn’t because of their homes being worth less than they owed or just wanting to wait and sell when their home was worth more money.  A short sale or foreclosure were all many of the home owners thought was possible, often times because they were already behind in a payment or two.  This is where I would step in and let them know about my Lease Options or Rent to Own program as some refer to it.  The way I worked them is I would find a tenant/buyer for the property…the tenant/buyers are people who want to buy but just need a little time to get their finance or credit in order.  I basically match the two together and collect a fee, and sometimes contributed some of my fee to the homeowner to get them caught up on their payments…thus creating a win win situation for us all.”

Dave Overholser - Lease Options - Rent to own homes Tampa

Dave Overholser - Tampa Realtor - Rent to own homes Tampa

Some of the benefits of the Lease Options program for the home owners are:

·         You can receive an excellent sales price on your home without paying a real estate commission

·         Tenants take care of the maintenance

·         Keep the tax benefits of owning the property

·         Reduce or Eliminate negative cash flow

·         Experience positive financial and emotional benefits of getting your property handled.

·         Fast result

·         No hidden fees


Many homeowners are in bad situations with their homes and need help…I intend to give them that help” says Overholser. “I am always looking to help out homeowners and buyers with whatever their situations may be, I aim to please and that’s why my motto is Professional Results Guaranteed, I guarantee my work and even offer cash back to buyers when they buy a home through me.   I meet some really great people in this business and I enjoy giving something back and building long lasting relationships.”

“I chose Ameriteam Realty, Inc. because of their reputation for integrity, its agent-centric business model, their commission structure is top notch  and the broker Alan Randel was open to my ideas and guarantees.The Ameriteam Realty, Inc. business center is located at 845 N. Garland Ave. Ste 200, in Orlando, FL 32801.  To learn more about Ameriteam Realty, Inc., call Broker Alan Randel at 407-898-4800 or visit www.MyAmeriteam.com


Dave Overholser - Tampa Realtor - Lease Option Specialist

 Dave Overholser – Lease Options Tampa – Rent to Own Homes

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