Davis Foreclosure Assistance

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davisforeclosureassistance.com Stop your foreclosure today! Call 888-HELP-811 We can help! Produced by www.honeybearfilms.com

6 comments to Davis Foreclosure Assistance

  • emiliacom1  says:

    This company is a fraud. They are the reason someone in our city in east Moline is losing their house. They have several lawsuits against them!

  • DavisForeclosure  says:

    Click on my name or the response video. The CEO of Davis Foreclosure Assistance, Samuel Cohen does a great job of explaining Loss mitigation and loan modification on NJ news.

  • jakeneck  says:

    They helped save my home. Legit

  • doodoobud  says:

    I used this company. I didn’t know they had a commercial (pretty cool). They are helping me keep my home if that’s what you’re asking.

  • unitcomp  says:

    Anyone with any info on this company?

  • daniklein780  says:

    “Banks have a lot of experience with foreclosure and you dont”


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