Distressed Property – Assigment of Mortgage Payments – We have solutions! Part 2

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www.HelpYouSellUSA.net What is a Mortgage Assignment?  The sale of a home where the loan(s) are assigned to a buyer in exchange for the deed (ownership).  Although virtually no loans are “assumable”, anyone can make payments on anyone else’s mortgage and as long as those payments are made, the lender will consider the loan to be performing.  In a Mortgage Assignment Sale, the buyer agrees to make payments on the seller’s mortgage going forward in exchange for ownership of the property. What is the Profile of a Typical Mortgage Assignment Candidate?  Has a difficult to sell home — due to the home having little, no, or negative equity, or simply a home that is a hard to sell size, in a bad location, or a home in a down market, etc.  Needs to sell more quickly than is typical using conventional list and wait method  Bought or built a new home with a $0/down (or minimal down) mortgage in an area that has not appreciated  Refinanced an existing home, borrowing most of the equity, in an area that has not appreciated  Bought a home in an area that has seen significant price reductions  Has suffered a divorce, lost job, medical problems, or other financial hardship including any combination of an increase in expenses and/or decrease in income  Has a non-owner occupied investment property that is no longer performing to generate positive cash flow  Has an Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) in which the payments have increased to an unaffordable level  Has had

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