Everything First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know – Martinsburg

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Everything First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know
As you consider buying your first home, you undoubtedly have hundreds of questions about the process. These questions begin as soon as you start thinking about moving and continue far beyond the closing. What should I expect? How can I prepare? Am I ready to own a home?  These questions are perfectly normal and are to be expected from first-time buyers.
In order to make the home-buying process as easy and smooth as possible, you need to know exactly what to expect .  By reviewing the following information, you will be well prepared to begin the process of buying your first home.
First Time Home Buyers - MartinsburgHow Much Can You Afford?
The first step in buying a home for the first time is making sure that you can afford the home you plan to purchase. Even if you haven’t already found the home of your dreams, you probably have a fairly good idea of the type of home you would like to purchase.  However, you may or may not realize how much you can actually afford to spend on housing each month.  Surprisingly, speaking to a lender about your financial situation may not be the best place to start.
Lenders look at your debt-to-income ratio and not necessarily at your day-to-day spending habits.  Therefore, they will know if you have several credit cards that are responsibly maintained and a car loan that was paid off in full last month.  But they may not realize that you opt to spend several hundred dollars each month on the latest fashions or videos.  Begin tracking where and how your money is being spent and how much of that spending can or will be curtailed when you purchase a home.
Financial Counseling and Pre-Qualification
A financial advisor can help you to assess your financial information and determine how much home you can afford to purchase.  Speak with a financial advisor before beginning the search for your first home – and know that there is one other thing you can do to ensure that you are looking at the right homes for your price range.
Most mortgage lenders are happy to complete a pre-qualification process for potential buyers who need to find out ahead of time what size of mortgage they can qualify for.  The pre-qualification process is not a guarantee that the lender will offer you funding, but it does takes into consideration your credit score and income level in order to determine how much the lender might be willing to offer through a mortgage program.  The process will also enable you to begin comparing the mortgage programs offered by different lenders.
Shopping for Lenders
With interest rates declining, you need to make sure that lenders are giving you the most competitive mortgage options and interest rates.  Talking to several lenders will help you decide which one can best serve your interests.
Ask the lender about the details of each program that you are considering, including the closing-cost requirements, down-payment percentage, and any early-payoff costs that your might face. Mention that you are a first-time buyer, because this could potentially make a difference in the types of programs that a lender offers to you.
Once you have selected a lender, make sure that the specific mortgage program you are considering is right for your borrowing needs.
Here are two of the most common types of mortgage programs: click here to read the rest of the article

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