Facing Foreclosure, Bank Reimburses Fla. Couple

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A Fla. couple finally got thousands of dollars in reimbursement from Bank of America by threatening the bank with foreclosure. The long legal battle actually began when the bank wrongly foreclosed on the couple’s home. (June 6)

22 comments to Facing Foreclosure, Bank Reimburses Fla. Couple

  • disneydanny2  says:

    that sucks that the couple only got $6k ()or a little less aas the reporter mentioned) considering the hell they were wrongly put through they should’ve been given $6,.000,.000 if not more

  • TrackerADC  says:

    Bank of America is a Communist bank anyway… why anyone would bank with them is beyond me…

  • ajcdaman  says:

    This is great, but it would have been funnier if they drove the moving truck to the evil empire hq on Trade and Tryon in Charlotte. I will lmao then.

  • aba2185  says:

    is this what needs to be done for a bank to apologize? fucking pathetic

  • stophypocrisy  says:

    Now if we can only do this to the big 4 banks and the Federal Reserve for the 12 trillion dollar rip-off

  • SSanf  says:


  • Inediblehulk  says:

    @squelchdown That was the first funny “people who dislike are…” comment I’ve read on YouTube. Congratulations and thanks!

  • squelchdown  says:

    @narutocaprirequest2 The one thumb down was the BANK lol.. =)

  • ralphinator2  says:

    Bank of America. Not surprised.

  • VernonKrudlik  says:

    I would like every American to view this video. These are the people whom we’re fighting against. These thugs who got hundreds of billions in tax payer dollars, payed no taxes and instead got billions in tax payer sponsored refunds, these are the criminals who are now railing against social programs for poor people.

    Americans, you reelect these criminals in 2012 like you did in 2010 bend over and grease up, because you deserve everything that is going to happen to you.

  • MistaChubbz1  says:

    Sweet Justice!!!!

  • bigdaddy1525  says:


  • Bear5177  says:


  • OnlyBoo1  says:


  • narutocaprirequest2  says:

    why did this get a thumbs down ?

  • swankrecords  says:

    A great day for William C Huff Moving and Storage.

  • AWAKENlNG  says:

    that is the first piece of good news i have heard i a long time…

  • t5e2  says:

    SWEET JUSTICE the lawyer says, because he’s gonna get paid BIG from Bank of America!!!
    the bank wrote the couple $6,000
    their lawyer probably get $60,000

  • jokerbookshop  says:

    YES YES YES more people need to do this!

  • officialusa  says:

    Your Bailout money in action.

  • milkbig550  says:

    haaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa haaa about time someone stuck it to the big guy

  • jlau718  says:


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