Foreclosed Homes Sprouting Up Over Night Economic Collapse Crisis Real Estate

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Today we drove through a residential neighborhood in the Phoenix West Valley of Arizona. We noticed even more for sale signs sprouting up. There is no positive from what we can tell. Seems that the housing crisis is still full speed ahead. Real Estate crisis does not look to be recovering as we are noticing even more homes being abandoned or being placed on the market in hopes of a miracle. January 31, 2011 When you support your local retailer, You are supporting your local economy. Before you decide to pump your money into corporate giants, Please consider that your local corner mom & pop stores are working hard to make ends meet. They are your neighbors and would like to feed their family as well.. So Instead of contributing to corporate executives Hawaiian Vacations, Shop at your local retail stores. support Your Neighborhood, Your Town and Your Economy. ©arizonapublic TWITTER:

25 comments to Foreclosed Homes Sprouting Up Over Night Economic Collapse Crisis Real Estate

  • troybrownrigg  says:

    We never had any real jobs in the state. Just a bunch of house flippers trying to make a quick buck. Countrywide and the rest all to eager to loan money to anyone who had a pulse. Don’t worry the illegals will find these empty home to put 50 to 100 illegals in them overnight!

  • He101A  says:

    Banks giving money to ghetto trash and illegal immigrants caused this crisis!

  • babyamyleegirl  says:

    Good stuff .

  • Anothercoilgun  says:

    Did you just mention the W word? :o

  • bigdkntexas  says:


  • clarkewi  says:

    Looks like some DEALS to be had (if you can find tenants).

  • edv177  says:

    @ArizonaPublic hey mike i am going to jersey on the 12th i’ll do a video for ya = )

  • rudedog062  says:

    It seems to me that the working class people are the hardest hit by the bad economy. That looks like a working class track home neighborhood.

  • Msakaalbany  says:

    Guess you can work at walmart you just cant afford a home near it.

  • neanam  says:

    @MrArizonaGuy Well 31 years will teach you a lot so I belive you…..snookie and company seem to be in pretty good shape though

  • mja2035  says:

    This is not good for the people who still pay their mortgages. That home with the power wires behind it will especially take a financial hit. Maybe you can find out how much for these for sale homes. Have a nice day Mike.

  • MrArizonaGuy  says:

    @neanam , nope , i lived in that cesspool for 31 years , there are some nicer areas up central / north nj but most of nj is poverty level ,
    If you go 1 block west of the Atlantic city casinos , you are in ghetto land ,
    Nj has about the highest property taxes in America , They are antigun , everybody is on welfare / foodstamps / total ghetto land in my opinion

  • neanam  says:

    @MrArizonaGuy I thought most of jersey was rich with the exception of camden trenton

  • MrArizonaGuy  says:

    oh bye the way new jersey SUCKS , A communist ghetto state in shambles

  • MrArizonaGuy  says:

    my home page , the Drudge Report has an article headline indicating that 11% of homes are now empty

  • FormalStudiesCZ  says:

    @ArizonaPublic I lived in New Jersey for 30 + Years. Some towns ok, Most towns TERRIBLE !

  • FormalStudiesCZ  says:

    @edv177 Really ? New Jersey is Booming ? I have 30 +Years to show WRONG

  • babaloo42  says:

    @skyding8962 it wasnt meant to be funny. im glad you have a good sense of humor. im old so i went to college years ago. you would think that a license/degree would mean something. thanks for the reply. its a hard luck life for sure. big smiley to you :)

  • radroofer  says:

    After the bank told me they wouldn’t work with me they tried 4 times to auction it with not so much as one bid. Then they bent over backwards to help me.

  • skyding8962  says:


    Its legal to walk up to a house and peer in through the window. I know cause my dad got pissed at some suspicious guy peeking in the vacant foreclosed home in our court and called the cops on him and the cop said there really wasnt anything they could do for that.

  • ArizonaPublic  says:

    Thats a good guess… I was thinking the same thing about the garage door… I wanted to walk up to the side of the house just to see if the copper was taken or not but didnt want to be accused of any wrong doing either… Cops over here drive unmarked everyday cars…

  • skyding8962  says:


    LMAO now that is funny. Go to college and expect a job. Thanks for the laugh kid.

  • skyding8962  says:

    If I had to guess the people that got foreclosed on scrapped the garage door for cash and threw their dirty bedbug and crab infested mattress out.

  • skyding8962  says:

    Banks are now saying for sale signs when they are actual foreclosures because they dont want to invite criminals.

  • babaloo42  says:

    its to bad you have a title next to your name.. an electrical contractor and no job. ive been to college twice and my second career choice pays the bills but i was unemployed for 5 months so i know how frustrating it is. be a good role model and go to school so you can be jobless.

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