Foreclosed Homes Trashed

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Many owners vacating foreclosed homes are selling off all the fixtures before they leave, further depressing home values, even their neighbors’, reports Kelly Cobiella.

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  • Meqtrcer  says:

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  • powerstuffup  says:

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    Banks (Lenders) don’t lose your customers! Call them and make them an offer wave 50 to 60 thousand off from there original balance. Customers become motivated to keep there homes.

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  • powerstuffup  says:

    ** Its ridiculous Banks prefer loose so much, rather than a little with there good old customers.

    Example: Say your paying 2,350 a month. Your balance is $400,000 -(wave) $50,000= (new balance) 350,000 x (interest) 4.?
    So if u payed 2,350 a month > now your new payment is around $1,575

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  • sp33dycat  says:

    I wouldn’t mind buying the trashed house, considering that I would just end up getting new stuff anyways.

    I can spend 100K on a foreclosed home and turn it into something great for another 50K-60K. Can you do that for 150-160K? No. Everyone wins… except the bank.


    Yes people bite off more than they can chew but it is far from the only reason for foreclosure. If you think it that simply buying something you cannot afford is the reason then you are ignorant.

  • Kiddeth  says:

    good for the people that got screwed out of everything they worked for

  • navyseal100  says:


  • wind4watts  says:

    What do the stupid Greedy Banks expect, people put their Hearts Souls & Wages into them, then Banks kick them out & sell them (often) for £2 I have seen in Detroit.
    Owners paid their own good money for Kitchens fittings & face living under a bridge so I don’t blame them 4 one second, when youi look how Banks treat hard pressed working folk I am surprised they don’t burn them to the ground!

  • 16431421  says:

    this is awesome. id do that too if they forclosed my house. i think its really amoral to buy a forclosed house so if your such a jerk that you would live in a house that someone else was kicked out of just cause its cheaper maybe you should have to deal with some issues with your house. i applaud the people doing this.

  • pimakilledsuki  says:

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  • azthundercloud  says:

    @CarteBlanche4u i did that to a neighbors house when they were building it, but with chicken. he is a total douch. doesnt believe in keeping with neighborhood ccr. and trailers in the front yard. these are high end homes too.

  • MrDodgeboy  says:

    If you can’t afford it don’t buy it…

  • MorganMeyerz  says:

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  • hbloch1  says:

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  • casinohijack  says:

    At the end of the day its really no big deal the rich are the winners no matter what you fight to stay in your house they find a way to win you leave in peace they win you trash the house before you leave big deal they still win. Who is going to come in and live in that house after you trash it the rich no, its going to be someone just like the person who left the house and it sure is not going to be the rich who fix the mess although they might profit off of the chaos that is produced.

  • chillman442  says:

    While I think most people knew what they were getting into, some people were duped by unscrupulous mortgage brokers into adjustable-rate mortgages. When their rates re-set, their payments kept going up. I don’t condone this sort of activity, but I understand. Also, some of these houses may have been vandalized after the owners moved out. I personally know of people who have had this happen to them.

  • MEGAICEAGE1  says:

    haha..Its funny cause they bought the house got mad and took everything because they can’t afford it no more

  • Wellington5392  says:

    Yep, we all suffer cause the realtor who sold a house to those who couldnt afford the payments just wanted to get a commission….It all goes back to Greed,greed,greed.

  • helloimtank  says:

    @Wellington5392 but thats such a catch 22 your right for us you saying serves those greedy banks right but other people suffer

  • Wellington5392  says:

    Serves the greedy banks right!!! I still cant figure out how ANYONE can even afford a house????? Much less what apartments are charging for rent these days!

  • Wellington5392  says:

    DON’T forget to put a bunch of big ass fish in the attic, and UNDER the insulation….Also, another good place for fish parts are those box type things at the top of those wooden blinds, or voids in the drapery poles.

  • wolftreetree  says:

    The banks definitely share the bulk of the blame for this crisis.

  • bluetablepainting  says:

    People SHOULD be angry at what has happened to them. Just wait until people REALLY figure out how the banks have swindled them out of their very lives.

  • MrAwsome514  says:

    @CarteBlanche4u Be sure to throw some broken eggs in with the fish for good measure and spread mayonase in there too. Oh be sure to get a good coating of mayonase in side any ventillation ducts that you can.

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