Foreclosure fraud Hitler parody

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Update: Obama formally vetoed the bill. Created by bergziege @ I follow and

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  • LoveVanillaRose  says:


  • utmwaters5  says:

    I beat the bank myself I took them to federal court without an attorney and by myself I ma winning against B of A

  • Silverwolf70  says:

    LOL. This is hillarious. Well done.

  • McGuzik  says:

    Thats funny! Real good job; however, we hold our own remedy. Just ask the “lender to produce the note. When they agree they cant, modify the mtg agreement and issue the satisfaction of mortgage.

  • ByronBanquo  says:

    Too political. Not funny.

  • chicagoshowbiz  says:

    This is a work of art!

  • unitedwestand1775  says:

    WONDERFUL VIDEO! Look, Americans, if we simply worked together we could stop these illegal foreclosures dead in their tracks, nationwide. Right now, TODAY. It’s not that complicated. We do NOT have to wait for our government to legislate. The federal govt is little more than industrial puppets carrying out the will of big business.
    PLease pass the word for people to simply stay in their homes. SQUAT. Hang tight, barricade the doors and windows if you have to.

  • ezeqruls  says:

    @passantes — hysterically stupid. You want a Hitler look more to Dick “Go F@ck yourself” Cheney.

  • VladimirLenin49  says:

    not to worry fuher the republicans just made a mass victory across the nation corruption and greed for the top 1% of the population has a chance to claim victory once more democracy has again bent to our will

  • lindirig  says:

    Not to worry Fuhrer, there are lots of congressman willing to pimp for your corrupt banks. Just be patient and they will come up with something. A bipartisan deal no less.

  • sgornick  says:

    It’s not over. The House is going to attempt to overrride Obama’s veto on HR3808 tomorrow, November 17th.

  • passantes  says:


  • passantes  says:


    Your an idiot, its a parody lighten up.

  • razzz42  says:

    Well done!! You covered all the bases.

  • 1lessfeminist  says:

    Lame. First of all the same people who caused misery for Germans during Weimar republic are now doing the same in USA (bailouts, foreclosures…). So, how is Hitler the bad guy on this issue if he destroyed Weimar elites and rescued German economy? Using Hitler in videos for shock value is more important than telling the truth? Sheeple will continue to suffer slavery because they don’t do the resarch, they prefer to be brainwashed by Holywood. Holyweird USA.

  • rollingklouds  says:

    >Buy there own COKE, and pay for´╗┐ there own WHORES!

    Be nice. Bankers are people too. You’ll make them cry.

  • BUDF0  says:

    What Movie did this originate from?

  • bofalawsuit  says:

    This is so funny! I am going to post it on my blog at piggybankblog com

    I created piggybankblog com for all those who have been abused by Bank of America’s potentially irregular, fraudulent and simply abusive home loan modification process.

    My name is John Wright and I AM FIGHTING BACK!

  • ghosty426  says:


  • AryanKnight  says:

    Ha, --of course we now know St.Hitler was valiantly struggling against the same int’al arch-criminal Rothschild/Rockefeller jewZionist Bank’ster-mafia that N.Americans were duped into fighting to preserve in WW2; --and what do you know, here these dastardly jewZionist Fed.Reserve-Sys. (& IRS-henchmen) are again fraud’closing on the very people they have caused to loose their jobs because the jews have facilitated 50-million illegal-alien invaders, while sending N.American industry packing…!!!

  • 503mindst  says:

    these are so awesome

  • dogismyth  says:

    That’s all talk bigc. Foreclosure requires the inked contract. Otherwise, it cannot be attested to, or submitted as evidence. Therefore, the judge will rule against the plaintiffs.

    The video is fantastic. Let’s make this thing go viral. Its perfectamente!!!

  • bigc028282  says:

    ABC reported BANK OF AMERICA was resuming foreclosures, and that they didn’t find one example of fraud. They also reported that the other banks were to follow suit.

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  • pierrotlacastagne  says:

    nice ^^

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