Guaranteed Rate – Matt Asta – Tampa Bay Mortgage Lender

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 Guaranteed Rate – Matt Asta – Tampa Bay Mortgage Lender

Real Estate Professionals and Clients,

Excited to announce that Guaranteed Rate’s new spokesperson is… none other than Ty Pennington! We’ll be working together with Ty to bring you tips and treats about homes, mortgages and more! Stay tuned for more news to come this week!

Did you know that Guaranteed Rate is revolutionizing the home buying experience? For all that I haven’t met yet, my name is Matt Asta and I’m the Branch Manager and VP of Lending for our NEW Tampa, Fl. office. Below is some great info worth reading and some links you can share with your clients. Thank you for your time and I look forward to serving all your mortgage needs!

 The Guaranteed Rate difference:

 The Best of the Best

-          Guaranteed Rate was ranked as the #1 Mortgage Lender in America, 2012

-          8th Largest Lender in the U.S. (not bad being we’ve been in business since 2000!)

-          Our business is Mortgages and Mortgages Only. We have the most diverse lending programs offered in the Industry. In other words, we get even the most challenging deals done.

The Lowest Rates and Fees “Guaranteed”

-          As the #1 Lender, my company closed over 53,000 loans last year totaling over $14.7 Billion ***With this volume, we pass the savings along to your clients by providing extremely low rates and extremely low cost loans

-          As a Direct Lender we loan our own money. Period. On a rare occasion, if the rates are lower elsewhere, we shop the best rate for your client using our 27 in-house wholesale lending channels (Wells Fargo, Citi, SunTrust to name a few)

-          We are the first Consumer Advocate Lender. Your clients can compare mortgage rates of us and top lenders in the Country side by side right on our website.

 Guaranteed Rate – Matt Asta – Tampa Bay Mortgage Lender

        World Class Service

-          Our clients have given us a 96% Customer Satisfaction Rating

-          A+ Rating with the (BBB) Better Business Bureau

-          77% Net Promoter Score – Crushes the 17% Banking Industry average and is one of the highest in ANY Industry in the U.S. (Net Promoter Score (NPS) measures the loyalty that exists between a Provider and a consumer). We are actually tied with Costco in the U.S.

-          48 hour Pre-Approvals audited by an Underwriter

-          Smooth on time closings We wire purchase funds to the Title Company 24 hours prior to the actual loan closing

Award Winning Technology

-          Recently named one of the Top Tech-Savvy lenders in the Country, 2013

-          Loan Tracking Monitor, let’s both you the Agent and the Client Check the Status of the loan from start to finish in real-time 24/7

-          Apply online – Instant Loan Approval. Simplified and easy to navigate online application. Within 20 minutes, clients can pull their credit report for FREE through all 3 bureaus and then runs through our Automated Underwriting approval System. All done online. Great pre-qualification tool for your clients.

-          E-Signatures – Hate to have to sign 100 pages and then have to fax them to your lender? If your clients prefer simpler methods, we have the option for them to “E-Sign” the required documents. Efficient. Error Proof. Time Saving.

 Guaranteed Rate – Matt Asta – Tampa Bay Mortgage Lender

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