housing grants to buy a home for a low income family?

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My family is low income and we badly need to move. Our current landlord won’t fix our place without raising our rent, even though it has been deemed a hazard by the health and human services.

We found a cheap farm with a few acres and are looking for a housing grant. We can’t get a loan, we need a free grant. Is there anything like that out there??

I’ve looked online but all I can find are scams. Help??


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  • Rose2B  says:

    Your question is a little vague. You won’t find a grant to pay for the entire property. The only grants that are available are for down payment assistance. You still have to qualify for a loan, they’ll just provide the money for the down payment. Go to your city, county, state, and http://www.hud.gov websites & skim for the info there. If there are grants in your area they’d be listed on these pages. And since your looking at a farm your best bet would be a USDA 0% down loan (you can probably still get grants to pay a down payment if you’d like to reduce the amount of the mortgage if you qualify for the grants). USDA only finances “rural” properties. You can go to: http://eligibility.sc.egov.usda.gov/eligibility/incomeEligibilityAction.do?pageAction=state&NavKey=income@11 to see what USDA loans/assistance you’ll qualify for.

  • Guyanese Goddess  says:

    Elimination of Non Profit Down Payment Assistance
    On July 30, 2008, President Bush signed H.R. 3221 -- Housing and Economic Recovery Act of 2008. Section 2113 of the bill prohibits seller-funded DPA (Down Payment Assistance) for loans backed by the Federal Housing Administration. Prior to this bill, the seller could contribute up to 6% to the buyer to cover either a down payment or closing costs on an FHA loan. The changes took effect on Oct. 1, 2008.

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