How can I get a USDA home mortgage?

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I heard about this just the other day,…why hadnt i heard of it sooner?
My husband and I are cooped up in our tiny rental home and its getting tighter with my 10 month old crawling around, but i cant seem to get a response from any lenders, whats holding it up? If there is anyone out there who is enjoying ther successful USDA mortgage, give a shout out! Also, what levels of low credit has the USDA approved for loan? Thanks!

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  • rtfm  says:

    You have to meet certain income restrictions, and you have to live in certain specified rural areas. Here’s info on the program:

    Remember that legitimate info on government programs can always be found at dot-GOV sites, not necessarily at dot-COM sites.

  • myohmymyohmy  says:

    talk to loan officers and realtors, they should have all the latest news regarding that.

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