How can people NOT want to move to San Francisco?

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I just got back from a weekend trip out to the West Coast and I LOVED the Bay Area, even with this rare rain storm that will be gone by Thursday.

The nation’s friendliest people, I love the steep up and down streets, great food, ALMOST always great weather, 2 hours from snow ski resorts, 2 hours from Desert, 1 hour from vineyards, 2 hours from Gigantic redwood trees, Marin County was AWESOME, Berkeley speaks for itself, work ANY job low-skill or high-skilled and you get 100% of the amenities just like that!

This city is incredible, if I were jobless I’d find a way to the Bay Area, I’d dumpster dive, live on Telegraph Street Berkeley, get 50 people together to share a car.

This would be challenging and adventurous, and WAYYY more fun than sitting in some crappy East Coast town whining that the economy sucks.

Because in the Bay Area, a lot of what makes life good is what the natural earth has to provide, you know….the stuff that doesn’t cost money but instead results in higher real estate costs. BUT…if you share housing together with lots of people, it’s the BEST deal in the world!!!
and now I’m dying for a Ghirardelli Cable Car Rocky Road Ice Cream Sundae and can’t believe the whole Northeastern USA has not one SHOP! Not even NEW YORK has it!
Boulder is next on my travel list
About San Francisco parking, simple solution. Park at a BART station, ANY BART station, then use the train and the muni to get around. Save yourself the parking hastle.

14 comments to How can people NOT want to move to San Francisco?

  • dynamite_boy619  says:

    I agree…I’m in love with the city also. Damn responsibilities!!!! Damn ‘em to death!

  • Jim R  says:

    I wasn’t a massive fan of the old, ceaseless amount of homeless and the cold, but San Fran does hold a hell of a lot of appeal.

  • aab  says:

    The queers

  • peaceplease7  says:

    that’s cool and all…but I would have to ask how can people NOT want to move to Boulder CO? A place where one of the only political issues that concerns people is the legalization of marijuana. So everyone here is chill. Maybe you should come here.

  • ad victorium ad christum  says:

    They don’t want Pelosi as their rep.. Plus they don’t want to be part of a city that host obscene parades of naked people. Go figure.

  • rob  says:

    who would want to live in california?
    the cost of living is so high.

    not to mention all the weird people that live there.

  • Andariel Halo  says:

    It’s a gigantic catastrof*** waiting to happen; the region is way overdue for a massive earthquake, I last heard.

  • ?  says:

    As a person from Manhattan:

    It’s too hot.
    You really can’t compare Manhattan shopping to any other city in the U.S.
    I dislike friendly people, so I’d probably be irritated a vast portion of my time there.
    Everyone I know who attends Berkeley is trying to transfer out, so I assume it can’t be that great.
    While I’m fairly liberal, I think they would out-liberal me.

    While I’m sure it’s a wonderful place to visit, I would not want to live there.

  • harry k  says:

    Visiting and living are two different things.

    You must be very naive to not understand that.

  • william m  says:

    Well, I for one am happy you enjoyed yourself here. I have lived in the Bay Area my whole life with 19 years in SF. I love it too.

  • yodan888  says:

    Um, it’s crowded. Too many cars and no where to park? Sorry, but it gets cold in San Francisco. The fog can be considered charming at first, but gets to be a pain after a while.
    People in northern California are snobbish, thinking they’re better than everyone else.

  • Nicole[Team Edward<33]  says:

    I live in the Bay Area…BART can get kind of expensive if you ride it a lot. I live about 5 minutes from one. I’m guessing you didn’t visit East Oakland. When you go visit East Oakland, come back and tell me what you think then. The Bay Area isn’t THAT great. I admit, its pretty cool. But when you hear about a shooting almost every single day, it kinda gets depressing.

  • Lobosito Marino  says:

    I heard is very expensive.

  • Sav  says:

    There is not desert within 2 hours of SF or anywhere in Northern Ca.

    SF is great overall but it can be too expensive for most, the weather is not liked by many people (too cold and foggy), and not everyone likes living in a dense, crowded city.

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