How could I boast my credit really quickly?

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My fiance and I want to get this home that is perfect for us but my credit score is just below the minimum qualification of 640 for a USDA loan. We really want this place and we don’t want this to get away!! How can I get my credit score higher quickly??

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  • Woof  says:

    You can’t. Don’t fall for scams that claim they can do it for you.

  • Sandra R  says:

    You really can’t do anything like this “quickly”. It is all about history. Talk to your bank and ask them what to do about this. You might be able to get a mortgage that is rated a bit.

  • Steve D  says:

    First, it may take up to month for your score to change -- this will depend upon when your creditors report to the credit bureaus, and basically, you can’t change that. Having said that, the easiest way to boost your score 15 or o20 points is to pay everything off.- about 1/3 of your sore is your debt ratio, so by paying everything off, you boost your ratio and boost your score. Everything else is pretty much time based -- for example, about 35% is based on your credit history -- the longer you pay on time the better. Unluckily, you can only add 1 month of on-time payments to your history every month, so you can’t positively affect that anymore than you can in any month. Obviously, negative history hurts, so try not to miss any payments. Also, do NOT open any loans, credit cards, etc. In the best of times, this hurts your score a bit, but since you are trying to buy a house, opening new accounts can kill your application.

  • CatDad  says:

    There is only one real way to quickly boost your score and it has to do with a certain condition: If are carrying huge balances on your credit cards and you’re near or at max out levels, then paying down this debt can give your credit score a fairly large boost assuming no other negative factors.
    -- Also, if you have bad credit from non credit card defaults, then it can help to pay this off
    -- Paying back credit card defaults won’t fix your credit
    -- It can take 30-60 days for a credit score to update

  • My Take on It  says:

    You can’t
    There are no FAST or QUICK ways to boost your score

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