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How to Take Good Listing Pictures that Sell Your Home

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How to Take Good Listing Pictures that Sell Your Home - Quicken Loans Zing Blog

Are you thinking about selling your home? Looking at everything that needs to get done, such as repairs, painting, cleaning, finding the right real estate agent, etc.; you may think that the listing pictures are the least of your worries. Well, it turns out that they’re a huge part of getting your home sold.

Because estimates by the National Association of Realtors suggest approximately 90% of home buyers search for homes for sale online using sites like Zillow and Trulia, it’s no surprise that listing pictures are very important. Home buyers want to see as much of a home as possible before they even make an appointment to see it.  Some sellers and agents may think that taking pictures with their phone is enough. After all, phones nowadays have high-resolution cameras and you can always add a cool filter to make anything look better, right? Well, taking property pictures for a listing is much different than taking selfies or pictures of your dog cuddling up on your lap. It takes a trained eye to figure out the right angle, light and spaces to take pictures that sell.

Want to see some not-so-good examples of how to take pictures? Check this page out.

Things to Avoid While Taking Listing Pictures 

Basically, some of the things you want to avoid while taking listing pictures are:

  • Photoshop or filters – yes, you want to catch the home buyer’s attention, but you also want to show the true condition of the property.
  • Reflection of the photographer in mirrors.
  • Using a Google Map picture of your property – They’re outdated and sometimes blurry.
  • Random people or pets in the picturePhotobombing is fun, but you don’t want it to happen when you want buyers to take your listing seriously.
  • Taking pictures from inside a car – Does it really take that much effort to get out of the car?
  • Taking pictures while a TV is on – This distracts the viewer from the actual room.
  • Sideway, blurry, grainy, dark, and washed-out pictures – a big no-no.
  • Photos with personal items showing – Make sure pictures and knickknacks are put away.
  • The obvious – clutter and dirty rooms. Clear off tables and countertops.
  • Not having any pictures at all –try to have at least one picture of the exterior. There’s nothing worse than reading all the wonderful features that a home has but not being able to see them.

If you’re just worried about the quality of the listing pictures, feel free to ask the real estate agent (before you list the home) if he or she uses a professional photographer to take photos. If he or she says no, then you may want to see some examples of pictures they’ve used in the past to help you decide if they’re the right agent for you.

If you’re listing your home as “For Sale by Owner,” then you definitely need to take all these tips into account, unless you choose to hire a professional to do it for you.

How to Take Good Listing Pictures

Not only is quality important, but also how they’re organized makes an impact. A recent study found that the quality and order of the pictures make a big difference. Some of the key findings of this study were:

  • If people don’t like one of your pictures, they’ll move on to the next listing.
  • Professional photography gave a better sense of the home condition and dimensions.
  • People prefer larger images in a gallery-style format.
  • The order of the pictures is important! People want to see photos in the same order as you’d see a house in person, starting with the front exterior and ending with a view of the rear of the home. Check out this SlideShare to see an example.

To see more details about this study, check out this article posted on Inman News.

To see more tips from professional photographers, check out this MSN Real Estate article.

Follow these useful tips to make your home look its best; your home will not only likely sell faster, but you may even sell it at a higher price than expected!

Do you have any other tips? Share them with us!

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