I am a homeonwer who wants to apply for local, state and federal grant funding to make land purchases. Ideas?

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I want to buy land next to my property which totals approx. 7acres. I want to renovate my current home which is 30 years old. My home is in need of major repair. My credit is not the best and I would perfer to apply for monies for this need without going into further debt. What type of grants should I apply for, the max amount for each, were to locate these grants, how long the wait for answer, what forms are needed to speed the process, and what web site can best locate these funds. I have a family of five and home and landscape are in major repair. I live in Emporia, Va. Anyone with knowledge please help me find the right direction concerning this matter. I have a job, but no credit nor saving to help me fix this problem. What can I do? Thank you.

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  • shells  says:

    Call your local city/gov’t offices….they should be able to help.

  • imisidro  says:

    The Housing and Urban Development in their Grants Available page makes it clear that they do not provide grants to individuals — hence no grants for a person to buy a home or land http://www.hud.gov/grants/index.cfm

    “While HUD does not offer direct grants or loans to individuals, we do work through local governments and non-profit organizations to make financial assistance and counseling available.”

    You can go to the Catalog of Federal Domestic Assistance (CFDA) http://www.cfda.gov and Grants.gov http://www.grants.gov -- these are two FREE sites created by the federal government to provide transparency and information on grants. Browse through the listings and see if you can find any grant that would support your purposes.

    Go to CFDA http://www.cfda.gov --> Search for Assistance Programs (HTML) --> Browse The Catalog By Functional Area --> Click on HOUSING --> click on Land Acquisition and these are the available grants :

    10.405 USDA Farm Labor Housing Loans and Grants
    10.410 USDA Very Low to Moderate Income Housing Loans
    10.411 USDA Rural Housing Site Loans and Self_Help Housing Land Development Loans
    10.415 USDA Rural Rental Housing Loans
    14.127 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Manufactured Home Parks
    14.130 HUD Mortgage Insurance_Purchase by Homeowners of Fee Simple Title From Lessors
    14.168 HUD Land Sales_Certain Subdivided Land
    14.218 HUD Community Development Block Grants/Entitlement Grants
    14.219 HUD Community Development Block Grants/Small Cities Program
    14.511 HUD Community Outreach Partnership Center Program
    14.866 HUD Demolition and Revitalization of Severely Distressed Public Housing
    15.124 DOI Indian Loans_Economic Development

    I don’t think there’s anything for your purpose.

    Grants have objectives, and the grant applications that best captures the grant’s objectives are approved.

    There is a stringent review process through a committee composed of federal employees and selected experts in the field. You will compete with other applicants for the grant money, and this grant review committee will evaluate the merits of each proposal. Only those that they feel exemplifies the objective of the grant will be approved.

  • OShenandoah  says:

    There are grants, delivered to you in the form of services, not cash. The services vary by VA county,
    AND, they are almost always available only to low income families.

    Many times,these grants actually originate at HUD, in WashDC,
    passed on to individual States , with instructions on the $$’s useage.
    The States, then pass the grants on to qualified Non Profits, to actually do the work.

    In your area, one of those Non-profits is Community Housing Partners, http://www.communityhousingpartners.org/

    Send them an e-mail, noting your most critical repair needs,
    number of people living in the house, and your total income for the last 12 months. Ask if you qualify for any of their services.
    Be sure to spell out all your major concerns, like “need plumbing repair” or “major roof leak.”( I don’t know which programs are active in your County.)

    I’ve been a grant writer and Home Rehab. Coordinator, for 20 years, and funding is so tight, there is only enough grant money available to assist the most vulnerable residents.

    And, there’s no grant I’ve ever heard of, which gives you money to enlarge your property. You might find a low-interest loan (Example: Dept. of Agriculture’s “Rural Development” loan), to buy land, but only with good credit.

    Best of luck to you!

  • Paul  says:

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