Is of Austin, TX as real and professional as they say they are?

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I’ve went in for an interview with them hearing all kinds of great things about the company, and what they do to help people who is going through foreclosure. The interview process took about two and half hours, and the recruiter, Chris Dock, said that he will let us know whether or not we passed this initial interview stage by contacting us via phone call of email in as soon as 2 days. Long behold, it’s been almost 2 weeks and no reply. I’ve tried to contacting him through his office phone multiple times, but he never picks up, I even emailed him to see if he will reply, but his still doesn’t. So as a last resort, I tried calling through their 1-800 number to see if I can get in contact with him. No surprise, he’s not available. So my question is, has CDPE done this to anyone else or is it just me?

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  • ikeluv21  says:

    Not the same response. I went for a group interview on a Friday and got an email the following Monday with a job offer. Though I have interviewed at other places and have not had a response. Usually if I have not heard a response within two weeks I usually move on. CDPE was very professional and I can say when I went in for my interview I could feel the positive energy. It is a very unique place and got voted one of the best places in Austin to work. I wish you much success in your job search.

  • Melody Robins  says:

    Getting a job is not as easy as going in for an interview, placing a follow up call and getting hired. Sorry, it just doesn’t work like that and to question the credibility and professionalism of a company because they haven’t responded to you, on your time line or schedule, is unrealistic. If you are searching for a job that is easy to attain, then you are probably also looking for a job that is easy to do and CDPE is not it.

    CDPE is truly one of the best places to work and you are lucky you made it in for an interview. You are one of hundreds that interview on a monthly basis. They are looking for more that just a person that can fill a job description; but are looking for people who understand the importance of stability, have a desire to better themselves both professionally and personally by dreaming big, have utmost integrity in everything they do, value the importance and privilege of expressing themselves freely in a high stress environment, and are willing to do whatever it takes to serve their team and their members in the most positive way possible.

    Bottom line, if you really want to work there -- GET CREATIVE. There are many other ways of following up on a interview apart from phone or email.

  • Anonymous  says:

    CDPE is, in fact, as real and professional as they say they are. Not only was it rated one of the best places to work in central Texas, but anyone would be honored to join their team. Ever think that maybe the HR guy was out sick this week????

  • Liz  says:

    I work at CDPE and can say without a doubt that it is a great place to work. The interview process is long and no we don’t interview someone and hire them immediately. We do not rush into any hiring decision. We have to make sure that the candidate can fit into the atmosphere of the team they will be working with. We have a set of CORE values and one of them is STABILITY. You do not obtain and sustain stability by making quick hiring decisions. If you were a potential fit for the position you were interviewing for, then you will get a call back for a second round of interviews. Keep in mind, there is a reason why the CDPE Designation is the fastest growing real estate education program in the HISTORY of real estate. It’s because our team is AWESOME and we work harder and faster than any other organization in real estate!

  • Richard  says:

    I personally went for an interview, and loved the interview process. It was fun and interactive. CDPE is very selective in their hiring process and will not just hire anyone. With a company that is growing, it is necessary to interview many people to find just one that lives and operates their life with just the right values and drive that it takes to work in a company like this.
    I personally have seen the positive energy that runs through every employee that works at CDPE and must say it is truly one of, if not the, best place to work in Austin.
    As to not hearing a response from HR, it is pretty common knowledge that if a company thinks that you are a fit they will call you and hire you, if not, they more than likely will not. You have got to understand that they probably have a lot of work to do that is far above just hiring and interviewing potential candidates. Plus, I agree with the comment below that maybe HR was really sick or out and not in a position to respond in your needed time frame. There was another comment I agree with that if you truly want to work at a company, be persistent, and creative. Show up at the open of the company or chain yourself to their door till they answer you. Just kidding about the latter!! Best Wishes with your future job search.

  • Chris  says:

    I have to say i definitely agree with the above comment

  • Adam Pedowitz  says:

    Through the CDPE designation, the Distressed Property Institute is helping agents learn how to assist the struggling homeowners who need them most. As a current team member, I can tell you that we take this privilege and responsibility to heart. Not a day goes by without recognition of this or the passion to make a true difference across the country. As such, the company is very selective as to who has the right stuff to work here. Someone mentioned in another answer, if you’d really like to work for the company and want to show that you can stand out among hundreds of applicants, get creative. Show us how you can make a difference and further help us solve the foreclosure crisis, one homeowner at a time.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Chris Dock is extremely good at reading people. The CEO and other leadership team members are as well.

    You can trust CDPE to do the right thing. What they do is always for a reason. If you didn’t get a call back, you probably would not have liked it the job at all. They can tell almost instantaneously who will love the job and who won’t last.

  • Anonymous  says:

    Chris Dock has been sick for the past week. If you interviewed recently with us you might want to take that into account.

  • Michelle Hughes  says:

    The Distressed Property Institute maintains the highest level of integrity, and as an employer sets very high standards for it’s team members. The company receives over a thousand applications a month and has been voted one of the best places to work in Austin. Because of the high level of integrity it is critical to hire the right people, and there is a rigorous process to go through in order to be hired. With double digit unemployment currently across the nation you have to realize the number of qualified applicants who have applied and been selected for followup interviews, especially in a college town. The company does not hire employees, they hire team members and I believe that is why they have such credibility, creativity, and the most stable team I’ve ever had the pleasure to know. I wish you the best in your job search, although I agree with the comments to become creative and pro active instead of focusing on the negative, find what you love to do and go after it!

  • dfrjr4877  says:

    All the previous comments are true. I am currently a member of the team and can attest that this job has been the greatest opportunity I have ever been given.. I cannot name another company who is as focused as this company is. The fact that you made it to a group interview is a huge accomplishment.
    The company will make the right decision and they look at every candidate for the right qualities that fall in line with our core values. I will also stand by Chris Dock and say he is not avoiding your calls. He has been out sick. I wish you the best of luck.

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