Is is hard to get approvoed for a USDA home loan?

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What kind of credit score do you need to a loan?

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4 comments to Is is hard to get approvoed for a USDA home loan?

  • HeyDonny  says:

    USDA stands for the “United States Department of Agriculture”.
    Do they give home loans??

  • rtfm  says:

    Here’s all the basic information about USDA mortgages, including the eligibility criteria:

  • Matthew  says:

    My wife and I got a USDA loan. It is a very good loan because there is no PMI (Private Mortgage Insurance). Also, you can still get a 0 down loan. I had about a 710 score and my wife had about a 680 credit score. If you plan on buying now I would plan on living there the rest of your life, but there’s a good chance you might get laid off with the economy, A lot of people have bought “starter homes”, but then find out they are stuck and can’t sell to upgrade. Make sure the home isn’t ancient. I would go with a newer, well built home. they may be a little more expensive, but they are better insulated and will save you on electric bills. We have awesome thermal windows and our electric bill is only about $80 bucks a month.

    You might save a 2-3 hundred a month in an older, smaller home, but those costs will probably be eaten up if a furnace goes bad right away or you find out there is mold or something in the home.

  • Hany  says:

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