My husband and I want to buy a farm, the ground in area is so expensive. How can we get a start?

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Are there any goverment grants or special loans for young people starting out? We were both raised on farms and know what kind of work it takes.

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  • Jolene U  says:

    well iwas just going to say… get a loan..

    but yeah. i’m 19 and my boyfriend is 20 and we want a place up north (wi)

    just have good credit or good co-signers.

  • Esmerelda  says:

    There are a couple of internet sites you might want to look at:

    Under the browse by subject there’s a heading called farm loans.

    Also check out the Small Business Administration at:

    Best of luck to you! I hope this helps.

  • RICK J  says:

    There are too many factors to elaborate here! What type of farm would you like to operate? Do you know anything about that type of farm? How large of a farm? Where are you now and where would you be willing to move to in order to start this new career? How much $$ are you keeping in your savings account for those things that you know nothing about, and you know will happen? Like: fixing everything! I can only presume that you have those questions answered and are willing to make a major change in you life. That being the situation, you should look at various state programs and federal programs that support grants for working farmers. I wouldn’t stay anywhere in the East, it’s just too competitive and not an environment that will work for beginners. Look at the Mississippi valley for a start. Be ready for some hard times, and hard work! My hat is off to the independent farmers of the US that can make a go of it! They work their butts off and every year is a new adventure. Good Luck!

  • Ross  says:

    Are you looking for a hobby farm or one that you will run to make a profit. If you are wanting to make a living at it find a place with less expensive land. You have to approach it like you would any other business. If there are other farmers in the area that have been there for years, their loans on their land will be very low compared to yours. That will make it hard for you to compete.

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