question about usda home loan?

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Hi, I am looking into a USDA home loan. I already qualify based on the county I want to purchase my home in and also by my income. I am a little worried about my credit score, though. my credit score is a 638. I only have one credit card, which I have only had for 3 months, but it has never been late. Does anyone know if this is going to disqualify me? Thanks for all of your help!

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  • Patty D  says:

    go to for all of the details. Be sure to look in the credit section to make sure you are eligible..

  • Cheryl O  says:

    If you are able to provide 3 alternative credit sources such as a 12 month rental history and utility and/or phone payments for 12 months with on time payments there is no reason for you to be disqualified from this program. USDA is a great resource for you to purchase a home with limited credit history.

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