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  • AnnoyingTypoSyndrome  says:

    The problem with th ehousing market is the INTEREST RATES.

    In britainm my dad told me they used to expect to pay 1% interest ona m ortgage, and pay it off, over a few yrs (back in the 1940’/50’s).

    But, by the 1990’s people were paying as much as 8 or 9%.

    In the UK, if you borrow £100,000 for a house, you can expect to pay back OVER £350,000, over 25 yrs.

    Now THAT is INCREDIBLE, because a nation of people CANT pay that much, so the system MUST crash, and the banks then swoop in and CLEAN UP !

  • vinwald  says:

    well said, Daniel… the door of financial responsibility swings both ways… and there are plenty of these so-called “victims” caught up in an upside-down mortgage really need to take an honest look in the mirror.

    another great video. thanks.

  • soyrockstar100  says:

    good video..

  • TheFrugalchic  says:

    @emmy1cat ……..The thumbs down are the people who lost there homes. ;0)

  • kuribix  says:


  • slobomotion  says:

    @Atoyota I remember when Citi first had the first cash machines! You did the right thing by communicating with them. In a way, it is wrong what I did in the past year, to keep up payments monthly regardless. I saw there was a problem and I should have put my put down harder. I am astonished at how VISA seems to have fallen apart in the last year. I mean, if I send them registered letters from France, they should answer, right? Yeow.

  • scotthenson1  says:


  • scotthenson1  says:


  • emmy1cat  says:

    Who the hell are the ten thumbs downs who do not understand the absolute truth of this video? This is exactly right. pity Congress won’t suffer consequences for stealing future taxes to pay off their friends now. Yes we Can!

  • emmy1cat  says:

    @YokoWenis Not as long as Uncle Sugar will bail us out. There’s plenty of money sez Mikey Moore.

  • zachariahiawatha  says:

    ha ha you big meanie, but so true

  • octojoe  says:

    the same shit is happening in ireland for my girlfriend so we aRE GONNA MOVE OUT AND SAY FUCK YOU to the bank change phone no. and address and if they find her simply wont pay rofl

  • LP101A  says:

    For many years, my neighbors would look down on me (and those alike) because I wasn’t willing to mortgage our children’s future for a little fun and the illusion of prosperity.

    cars and toys

    They are a modern anachronism and their time in the sun is over.

    Too many people have been living the fake life and the piper’s calling them to join him

    They are weak and will go begging to their true Master. They need an administrator. He will ‘help’ them on their way

    Such is the path of the Dodo …

  • wizetrade00  says:

    Well said are true thoughts spoken said the fortune cookie to the student, lol.

  • mkmason2002  says:

    Eeeuuuwww! Applause applause! Sounds good to me.

  • rallycsx  says:

    @alphabeets Sounds like Ron Paul :D

  • rockstar728  says:

    man, you really got a thing for ruth’s chris!

  • jjenson2006  says:

    The lady who bought the $135K house probably did blow all that money on a business……..FLIPPING HOUSES!!

  • jsphbjmn  says:

    I agree

  • alphabeets  says:

    We all need to be responsible for our own actions and accept the consequences of our decisions.

  • davidm021  says:


  • IconMusicGroupInc  says:

    @wesleyhux Cant Even Front Your Right Thank For Clearing That Up! Truthfully Didnt Think About That!

  • spbzz  says:

    @paisley73 How come these stories never focus on the family who bought a house without the intention of foreclosing, never refinanced, lost their downpayment and their house is now not worth the styrofoam and stucco it’s constructed of?

  • spbzz  says:

    Excellent video. I agree with you completely. When did houses stop becoming shelters and start becoming “investments?”

  • thesilversurfer2012  says:

    Tell it like it is bro…

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