Short Sale Hell

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Short sale negotiation scenario based on an actual phone call. Sound familiar? Avoid this, check out my website and let us help you today.

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25 comments to Short Sale Hell

  • mschafer1224  says:

    I LOVE LOVE LOVE this video!

  • agile1111  says:

    @originalcjrssd -- I use Watermark Master to tag all my videos. Check it out, works great. You can see how I label my videos at my channel.

  • originalcjrssd  says:

    Wow kevinicity1 what’s wrong? Can’t take a joke? If you have had a bad experience in the past with this sort of thing that sucks but you don’t need to take it out on random strangers. You’re right about some things though; like be careful which agent you hire if doing a short sale as not all the “experts” out there are experts.

  • kevinicity1  says:

    and acts like they often do, it does not make us want to help, in fact, it makes us want to go out of our way to not help these sorry pieces of shit.

  • kevinicity1  says:

    they were calling you from a ghetto. I know only a few REAs that are decent, the rest suck and are greedy bastards. They call in and curse and rant and rave, demanding to speak with supervisors. When we finally are able to get them off our phone so we can help people with real problems, we have ourselves a good laff over some of the stupid crap they say. Homeowners, understand there are times when nothing can be done to avoid a fcl. there is no ill will to you, but when your agt calls in

  • kevinicity1  says:

    To all homeowners that are thinking of doing a shortsale, be careful of what realtor you hire to market and list the property for you. Some are really stupid, others are rude and demanding. This video is stupid. I am an american and a shortsale advocate. The realtors that know what needs to be done fail to do it and then blame the bank because they cause you the homeowner to get foreclosed on. You walk into a realtors office and it appear all pro but when they get on the phone you’d think

  • WatchToddPattison  says:

    LOL ! How may I pretend to help you ! LMAO ! Aint that the truth.

  • originalcjrssd  says:

    This video has been pretty popular in the last few months. In case you are wondering I am the original creator so please don’t upload it and try to take credit yourself. That’s lame.

  • WONDOCTORJ  says:

    baahhh, Dealing with the banks is easy, ask them how you can help them , don’t ask them to help you, second, grow a personality and a little whitt and you wont have that problem :-)

  • vongtayvietnam  says:

    Bank of America? The worst bank in the world. If you buy a house in short sale related to Bank of America, BoA will give you many days in nightmare. Do not waste your time with Bank of America. I wasted more than 100 days with BoA pending approval for a short sale. I really frustrating with BoA.

  • Amira1316  says:

    Its almost 150% accurate!! I negotiate over 40 short sales per month. The only reason I am successful is because I worked in Loss Mitigation for 10 years. If I didn’t perosnally know how to cut through the RED TAPE I would have dropped off a bldg years ago. Best way to avoid delays send packages signed return receipt to the CEO’s office with 3rd party authz letter. Fax 3rd authz and package 5x for 5 days. LOL

  • citizenshomeadvocacy  says:

    This video is so friggin hilarious cause its true! We play this at our educational events now! Keep up the great work Americans, the internet is a revolutionary vehicle that has the potential for us to create a different future! The time is always now.

  • RealCosmicSurfer  says:

    Since I do short sales for others, my life story….
    Negotiating 50 at a time….CHASE, BOA, AHMSI, Ocwen (the worst of the worst)…you name it, they are all the same…screwing the working (or previously working) family whenever, wherever, they can

  • ScottTaylorRealtor  says:

    Funny stuff. This is what it feels like sometimes. If anyone has any SHORT SALE referrals for Orlando area, let me know.

  • TheLIGHTinMYwindow  says:

    thank you thank you thank you, omg this is true down to the letter… verify the blood type, high school GPA omg this is funny.

  • machallmachall  says:

    Hilarious in a sick, sad sort of way…it really is my daily work playing out in front of my very eyes!

  • sahomelocator  says:


  • mlinkenauger  says:

    Hilarious!! I love this!!

  • mezzogiorno123  says:

    Whoo! This sounds just like a month’s worth of calls to Morgan Stanley! Hey, is this a training video for them?

  • Jen2end  says:

    Good grief! soo true!

  • shortsalesriches  says:

    I should use this video as part of my training curriculum for dealing with B of A lol

  • iambrockmartin  says:

    Absolutely classic!! And sooo true!

  • SandraMathewson  says:

    This is true, I am dealing with two short sales this week, one fell out and it was the Almighty Bank!

  • jeide9548  says:

    that was hilarious!!! And sooo true!

  • akedwards10  says:

    It is SAD that this is so true!

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