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How do I go about getting a pre approved letter for buying a house?

I want to buy a house and I need a pre approved letter from a bank or mortgage broker, how do I shop around? My concern is that the will have to run my credit to see what I quilify for before they do anything, correct? However,shouldn’t that hurt my credit score?. Should I first request to get their rates before the run my credit so that I can compare?

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Worried about being denied in underwriting?

My boyfriend and I are buying our first home in Minnesota. My credit score was 630, bf was 680, our combined income is about 40-45k. We were pre-approved for a USDA home loan up to 135,000, and offered on a home for 129,900 and got accepted. The inspection was done and the home owner fixed all issues and the appraisal came back more than what we offered and we are now in the underwriting process. My question is what is the likelihood that we may be denied the loan? They said we should hear back by the end of the week or Monday, but I have been worried sick about it. I had to fix a few things on my credit before we got the pre-approval and don’t know if that matters or not. Thanks for any advice or help.

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What is the rural housing program about?

All I can find online is the income stipulations and the eligibility requirements, but not what it’s for. We qualify financially and in our area, but what is it?
Thanks curse08. Sounds like nothing we want then! We have 20% down, but the home does need asbestos abatement so was wondering if this was a better option. Sounds like it is not in our situation!

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I am about to buy a home with an inground pool that is 12 years old in fair condition. The type of mortgage?

The type of mortgage loan I am getting is 100% financing ( USDA ), but will not finance the value the pool brings to the home on the appraisal. Does anybody have any idea what kind of value, if any, does an inground pool bring to the value of a home on an appraisal. Just kinda know how much $$ I am looking at. Thanks.

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Question about taking out a mortgage on a home?

We plan on buying a home in about six months and we will be first time home buyers.

We have enough saved up for a down payment and we were planning on paying off our cars loans which would takes us about 4-6 more months which is why we are waiting.

Although we found a home for sale that we fell in love with, and our question is, for example: if we bought this home lets say within a month or so, but don’t move in for a few more months, is there something you can work out with a lender so you don’t have to make any payments till you move in. Or once you sign and bought the house, next month payment is yours?

We haven’t talked to a mortgage lender yet because we weren’t planning on moving out no earlier than six months from now...

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