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Alex Charfen Full Introducing of CDPE Course & Mike Chaires as CDPE Instructor

Alex Charfen, President and CEO of the Distressed Property Institute, LLC created this introduction for Mike Chaires as an Instructor for the CDPE (Certified Distressed Property Expert) course. The CDPE designation is the most important designation a real estate agent can have to serve their clients and their country. I was extremely proud and honored to work with Alex Charfen who founded the company and has lead the industry in certifying over 10000 agents. Alex Charfen is one great business leader and leading an amazing charge to help agents, help distressed homeowners. Go to and get the most important information regarding distressed homeowners. Thanks Alex for your dedication to real estate agents and our country!

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Alex Charfen CDPE CEO, on Fox & Friends 7/6/2010

#FB @Alex Charfen talks about the distressed housing market on Fox & Friends, GREAT time to BUY.

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CDPE – Welcome to Alex Charfen’s Video Blog

Distressed Property Institute Co-founder and CEO Alex Charfen shares his personal thoughts and opinions on current issues in the real estate market with a particular focus on distressed properties, including foreclosure avoidance, short sales, refinancings, mortgage modifications, and updates to industry regulations.

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