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Has anyone ever sued USDA for not approving the appraisal of a home?

We were approved for a usda loan over 9 weeks ago. We signed the contract on the home, had inspection done, appraisal done and after MANY weeks of waiting and causing the owners much heart ache the appraisal was denied. The house does have a pool, but there are 1000’s of cases where usda loans money for homes with pools. Our paperwork was send to and through about 10 people and with no reason provided- it was finally denied. How does an appraisal get denied? That should be fault of the appraisor, right?

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Appraisal Nightmare — 02.10.11.mp4

Michigan Appraisals from the appraisers eyes by First Commerce Financial

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USDA Guaranteed Home Loan Appraisal Process?

This would be in New York state…I wll be getting my mortgage through the USDA program, but I can’t seem to nail down the home requirements. I am looking for something I can put a little work into, not a total renovation, but I am concerned about how strict the standards are on the home. I read there are no more thermal requirements on USDA loans, but I found something about HUD standards and I don’t know what these would be.

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