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How hard is it to get a home loan in Austin, TX right now?

We would be 2nd time home owners with no serious blemishes on our credit histories in the past 5 years. My credit is bordering on excellent, since the last time Iooked about a year ago. We have a moderate amount of debt, but most of it is government subsidized student loans.

What kind of down payment would be needed on a home around $150,000 in the Austin area? Could we do no down payment or an 80/20 loan?

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Is of Austin, TX as real and professional as they say they are?

I’ve went in for an interview with them hearing all kinds of great things about the company, and what they do to help people who is going through foreclosure. The interview process took about two and half hours, and the recruiter, Chris Dock, said that he will let us know whether or not we passed this initial interview stage by contacting us via phone call of email in as soon as 2 days. Long behold, it’s been almost 2 weeks and no reply. I’ve tried to contacting him through his office phone multiple times, but he never picks up, I even emailed him to see if he will reply, but his still doesn’t. So as a last resort, I tried calling through their 1-800 number to see if I can get in contact with him. No surprise, he’s not available...

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