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If i am a first time home buyer is there any Government grants I can get in Kansas?

I am moving in October and I wanted to buy a house If i am a first time home buyer is there any Government grants I can get in Kansas? i would be living in Wyandotte county. If there is and they loans for my down payment or are they free grant money?

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What are the requirements for a first time home buyer in california?

i am trying to buy a house in by end of summer 2014.

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first time home buyer in vegas and need to relocate from california?

Hi, my husband and i are looking into buying a home in vegas. we would have to relocate from california and we are thinking of doing it by october this year. we are looking into properties from $150k to $200k but are very confused on the whole loan, down payment, interest, buying process. can anyone help? what is the least we can put down? how can we get a loan? is the loan for the entire amount of the property? how does all this work? HELP PLEASE!

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What are all mortgages loans for first time buyer? What is the current interest rate on mortgages loan?

I am looking for some personal experience from the first time buyer.
Where is the best place to get mortgages loan?

Is there a federal mortgage loan?
I am looking to buy in the next few months and I need some one to guide me on loan and everything about home buying for the first time.

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First time home buyer, should I use a mortgage broker or go directly to a bank?

Getting mixed reviews on which route I should go. A friend suggested a mortgage broker they used, I’ve been in contact with him and he’s requesting $450 for the loan application. Is this a normal fee for this application? Just looking for some suggestions here.
Responding to the answer from “Landlord”.. the mortgage broker is requesting the $450 fee be paid up front, does this sound right?

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