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Divorce Advice – Sell My Home – Preparing for Divorce

Divorce Advice – Sell My Home – Preparing for Divorce

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How Divorce Affects Your Home Sale
During a divorce, the couple’s marital home is one of the most pressing issues that needs to be addressed. If the couple purchased the home with the intention of living there together, the end result is usually selling the home, unless one partner is willing to buy the other partner’s share. Because divorce is an emotionally tenuous time, selling the family home is a challenging undertaking. The decision to sell a home and the details of the sale itself need to remain completely unemotional...

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Everything First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know – Martinsburg

Everything First-Time Home Buyers Need to Know
As you consider buying your first home, you undoubtedly have hundreds of questions about the process. These questions begin as soon as you start thinking about moving and continue far beyond the closing. What should I expect? How can I prepare? Am I ready to own a home?  These questions are perfectly normal and are to be expected from first-time buyers.
In order to make the home-buying process as easy and smooth as possible, you need to know exactly what to expect .  By reviewing the following information, you will be well prepared to begin the process of buying your first home.
First Time Home Buyers - MartinsburgHow Much Can You Afford?
The first step in buying a home for the first time is making sure that you can afford the home you plan to purchase...
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