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Can you get conventional financing on a manufactured home?

The homes I am looking at are on their own land and all have crawl spaces. I am looking to buy in any of the counties surrounding Charlotte, NC but not in Charlotte.

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Can I convert a USDA Loan to a Conventional Loan?

I’m interested in purchasing a home and like the USDA loan option (0% down, low MI). What concerns me is two things:

1. The interest rate is about 0.5% higher than FHA or Conventional loans,
2. The Mortgage Insurance (MI) never goes away unlike the FHA loan.

So, after a while of owning, would I be able to convert my USDA loan to a conventional loan and get rid of the MI?

Please provide some credibility or resources that will be helpful in confirming the answer.

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What Is A Conventional Home Loan?

Mona And Angie Talks About Convetional Home Loans

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Differences Between FHA , VA, CONVENTIONAL , USDA Mortgage Loans 877-332-9703 Differences Between FHA, VA, CONVENTIONAL , USDA Loans

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