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How could I boast my credit really quickly?

My fiance and I want to get this home that is perfect for us but my credit score is just below the minimum qualification of 640 for a USDA loan. We really want this place and we don’t want this to get away!! How can I get my credit score higher quickly??

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What is the highest mortgage I could afford on a small home?

I generate with my fiance about $500 a week (well, its more but I am rounding it down quite a bit). We are looking to get a small home, 3 bedroom one floor house. We are in Michigan and plan to stay in our current area. I have fairly decent credit, not excellent, but certainly not bad. With utiliy cost in Michigan (winters mainly) what do you think our mortgage should be like? Whats the highest we can go on a loan? We are first time home buyers, and will likely try to find a foreclosure home to get us started for a good price.

Any opinions and help would be appreciate, its our first steps out into ownership!

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If my credit score is 580, and my husbands is very goo (not sure exactly) could we get usda home loan?

Can he apply on his own (I would not have ownership) so that my credit score won’t be taken into consideration? Please keep smart butt comments to yourself. Thank you serious people!

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