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What is the difference between USDA and FHA Financing?

I would like to know what the difference between FHA and USDA financing. For example: what are the ratio differences, income limits, time on job, and any other details you might know.

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What’s the difference between bank foreclosure and homeowner’s association foreclosure?

My sister is already facing bank foreclosure but she also just got a letter saying that she will be facing homeowner’s association foreclosure because of unpaid dues. They’re filling a lien against her … I don’t understand the difference … I thought only banks could foreclose.

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What’s the difference between a regular foreclosure and an REO foreclosure?

I’ve been looking up foreclosures at the county office to buy a foreclosure (the ones about to be auctioned). Someone said I should be looking at REO foreclosures. What’s the difference, and how do I buy one and or get info on these?

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