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Does anyone have any information on pre-qualifying for a USDA Direct Loan in Indiana?

I want to try to get pre-qualified for a USDA direct loan before I look for a home. I am in Indiana and cannot find anything about it online.
A Direct loan is directly from the USDA not through a mortgage broker.

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Can you explain the USDA direct home loan payment assistance?

I understand that if I use the USDA Direct loan I may be eligible for payment assistance/government subsidy. I know that I will have to repay the subsidy under certain situations, but I don’t understand how they determine if you are eligible for the assistance and how the amount is calculated. Does anyone have any first hand experience with this program? If so, can you explain?

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USDA Direct Loan Credit Guidelines

USDA direct loans have many credit guidelines that must be met to qualify for the direct home loan. usda-rural-development-direct covers all the guidelines to qualify. http

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