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Has anyone ever had USDA threaten to take your home if you do not refinance?

They’re doing this to me. I have made payments on my home on time for 17 years and now that I am coming close to the end of the mortgage and owe mostly principal, USDA is threatening to take the security (my home) if I do not refinance within 90 days. If I am unable to get a loan then I have to prove it with letters from lenders. I don’t want to start all over on a new loan. My credit is excellent because I pay all my bills on time

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Has anyone ever sued USDA for not approving the appraisal of a home?

We were approved for a usda loan over 9 weeks ago. We signed the contract on the home, had inspection done, appraisal done and after MANY weeks of waiting and causing the owners much heart ache the appraisal was denied. The house does have a pool, but there are 1000’s of cases where usda loans money for homes with pools. Our paperwork was send to and through about 10 people and with no reason provided- it was finally denied. How does an appraisal get denied? That should be fault of the appraisor, right?

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Has anyone ever use rural development for a home loan from USDA?

Do you have to find a home or do they pick you one and rehabilitate it for you and add the cost to a loan? I have no concept of how they do this.

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