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If my credit score is 580, and my husbands is very goo (not sure exactly) could we get usda home loan?

Can he apply on his own (I would not have ownership) so that my credit score won’t be taken into consideration? Please keep smart butt comments to yourself. Thank you serious people!

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Anyone know exactly what the IRS Minimum Background Check actually covers?

I have a recruiter that is interested in placing me at the IRS facility in Martinsburg, WV doing Network Administration work for them. I have a few glitches in my credit but have been working on it, no bankruptcies or foreclosures or anything like that. I have also had a DUI in the last year and then another one 6 years ago. I have never had any tax issues. What are my chances that if I qualify for the position my background would stop me from getting the job?

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