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Where do I find government programs to buy a house?

What are the government programs and where do I find them to buy a house with no downpayment credit scores of 718, 626, and 509. Thanks!
work historys: 718 credit= 7 years, 626=16years, 509=1 year

no rental contract..we rented from a friend…we regret him not having a contract now..we know we know….
Income is about 100,000 gross yearly for all 3 of us
we are working with a realtor now and looking at properties in the 200,000-300,000 range—need to be moved out of our current house because its been sold from underneath us in about 2-3 months time

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Where can I find “non-traditional” help for a home loan?

I have found a home being offered for sale VERY cheap, but I have very bad credit and no money to put down on it for a traditional mortgage. Does anyone know some “non-traditional” ways to get a long-term loan for a home purchase? I need about $80K.
I am located in Texas and am looking for legitimate “un-traditional” or creative financing to purchase this house
Also, owner financing is out of the question since the bank owns it on a foreclosure.

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How can I find help fixing my roof?

I drastically need a roof but do not have the funds or credit to get it–any ideas will be greatly appreciated?

I have been to USDA but do not qualify for any assistance there as we make “too much money”. I have looked at the government website for grants but there does not seem to be one for home repairs.

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Where can I find USDA regulations concerning home specs for a property to qualify as an acceptable property?

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where can we find help for foreclosures issues? And what is Obama doing to help foreclosure victims?

My parents recently lost their home to foreclosure and now they are planning to file for bankcrupcy. They recently went to file their taxes and they found out IRS is billing them 52,000 for abandonment even though they have tried for months asking for help from the banks. Need some advise on how i can help guide my parents to the right people to settle the foreclosures.

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