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How can people NOT want to move to San Francisco?

I just got back from a weekend trip out to the West Coast and I LOVED the Bay Area, even with this rare rain storm that will be gone by Thursday.

The nation’s friendliest people, I love the steep up and down streets, great food, ALMOST always great weather, 2 hours from snow ski resorts, 2 hours from Desert, 1 hour from vineyards, 2 hours from Gigantic redwood trees, Marin County was AWESOME, Berkeley speaks for itself, work ANY job low-skill or high-skilled and you get 100% of the amenities just like that!

This city is incredible, if I were jobless I’d find a way to the Bay Area, I’d dumpster dive, live on Telegraph Street Berkeley, get 50 people together to share a car.

This would be challenging and adventurous, and WAYYY more fun than sitting in some crappy East Coast town whining th...

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