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USDA Rural Housing: Property Eligibility and Income Limit Guidelines

Cory Kessenich here with Inlanta Mortgage. Today I’d like to elaborate a little on the income and property guidelines for USDA loans. I will be using Wisconsin as the example as that’s where I primarily do business, but Inlanta does serve several other states with the USDA loan program. The USDA home loan program allows for qualifying borrowers to purchase a home in a rural area with no down payment. This is an amazing program, especially here in the upper Midwest. The rates are very low and the program is relatively easy to qualify for. There are two main criteria for the USDA program that are different from any other loan we offer. The USDA program sets its own income limits and boundaries of where it will guarantee loans...

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USDA Direct Loan Credit Guidelines

USDA direct loans have many credit guidelines that must be met to qualify for the direct home loan. usda-rural-development-direct covers all the guidelines to qualify. http

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CDPE – Charfen’s Blog: New HAFA Guidelines

The government has issued new guidelines to short sales with HAFA. The government’s involvement past mortgage modifications, and foreclosure alternatives, shows that some people will have to move. We look forward to sharing with you our opinions on those guidelines soon!

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