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I Heard The USDA Is Out Of Funds – Can I Still Buy A House In Arizona With The USDA Home Loan

usdaruralhomeloans.com – I heard the USDA is out of funds, can I still buy a house in Arizona with the USDA Home Loan? That is a question we get every year. The USDA continually runs out of funding and people are not sure if they can or should still try to get a USDA Loan during those times. In this short educational video, Paul Dunn will show you why the USDA runs out of funds and what it means to you as a person who wants to buy a house. You’ll learn that there are some lenders who will continue to fund USDA Loans regardless of if the USDA has funds while most of the big banks pull out of the USDA Home Loan market and wait for funding to return. You’ll also learn how to identify a lender who still funds the USDA Loan regardless of if the USDA is out of funds or not.

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