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Selling For Sale By Owner in Tampa Bay?

Selling For Sale By Owner in Tampa Bay?

By Dave Overholser

Do You Distrust Realtors?

Are You Afraid To Hire A Realtor Even
Though You Know You Need To?

Do You Need To Make Top Dollar
On The Sale Of Your Property?

Dear Homeowner;

It’s been my experience that most For Sale By Owners are distrustful of Real Estate
Agents due to past experience. Or they need to get as much as possible out of the
sale of their home and think they can’t accomplish that using the services of a Realtor.
If you fit either of these profiles, there may be another option for you.


You see, I’m not your run-of-the-mill Realtor.
I offer guarantees that make it Risk Free to work with me. . .Guaranteed!
Like my Easy Exit Listing Agreement. . . unhappy with my services?
My Communication Gua...

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5 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Sale

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Three Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value

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Three Tips for Increasing Your Home’s Value
The best way to increase your home’s value before you sell it is to think like a buyer!  Think back to the time when you were shopping for a new home, or analyze your current experience if you are already looking for your next home.  As a buyer, what features did you look for?  What features attracted you to your current home and helped you to decide that it was the right one for you?

When you think about the features that attracted you, remember that others will most likely find them attractive as well.  However, if you have owned your home for several years or more, it might be time to update some things in order to meet the growing demands of today’s home buyers.

Curb Appeal Draws Potentia...

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