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Can I lease a home I bought with a USDA rural housing loan?

I will have occupied the house for 3 years.

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What is the rural housing program about?

All I can find online is the income stipulations and the eligibility requirements, but not what it’s for. We qualify financially and in our area, but what is it?
Thanks curse08. Sounds like nothing we want then! We have 20% down, but the home does need asbestos abatement so was wondering if this was a better option. Sounds like it is not in our situation!

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housing grants to buy a home for a low income family?

My family is low income and we badly need to move. Our current landlord won’t fix our place without raising our rent, even though it has been deemed a hazard by the health and human services.

We found a cheap farm with a few acres and are looking for a housing grant. We can’t get a loan, we need a free grant. Is there anything like that out there??

I’ve looked online but all I can find are scams. Help??


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nonrefundable grants for people with disibilities for free land and housing?

I want to own land in northern wisconsin and build my own home using my own drafting skills,with the help of perfessonals in the building this home!

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How is the housing market in Arkansas?

I am trying to get a home loan for a house. We have been prequailfied through USDA Rural Development and we should find out in the next few days if we have been approved. I have heard different things about the housing market. Some say it hasn’t been affected here, others say that it has. I would really like to know so I’ll know what my shot is at getting a good deal right now!
I’m in Batesville!

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