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I am a homeonwer who wants to apply for local, state and federal grant funding to make land purchases. Ideas?

I want to buy land next to my property which totals approx. 7acres. I want to renovate my current home which is 30 years old. My home is in need of major repair. My credit is not the best and I would perfer to apply for monies for this need without going into further debt. What type of grants should I apply for, the max amount for each, were to locate these grants, how long the wait for answer, what forms are needed to speed the process, and what web site can best locate these funds. I have a family of five and home and landscape are in major repair. I live in Emporia, Va. Anyone with knowledge please help me find the right direction concerning this matter. I have a job, but no credit nor saving to help me fix this problem. What can I do? Thank you.

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