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What are they going to look for in our home inspection?

We are selling our house and got an accepted offer. The appraisal was yesterday and i think that went well. What are they going to look for in the home inspection? Our buyer is getting a USDA loan (no not beef, look it up). Any suggestions on things to fix before they come. Are gutters necessary? We need to put guttters all the way aroudn if thats the case and i think i we will have to!

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How To Buy A House That Qualifies For The USDA Home Loan – Where To Look

usdaruralhomeloans.com – How to buy a house that qualifies for the USDA Home Loan – where to look. In this short educational video, Paul Dunn will show you how you can find a home that qualifies for the USDA Home Loan. You’ll learn what the USDA determines is a rural area and will also be quite surprised to find out that USDA Home Loans are available in most of Arizona’s suburbs. You’ll see where online you can go for a USDA Rural Development map and how to check to see if a property qualifies directly with the USDA Home Loan database.

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