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Are Cement piers the same as a foundations regarding manufactured homes?

I am wanting to get a manufactured home, in a park, funding is tough right now obviously. And Im trying to look into a USDA Rural Development loan. I have many questions I guess, but mainly, are the Section 502 Loans, Direct Loans, available for purchasing a manufactured home that is to be set up in a park? And if so, are the cement piers that go underneath considered a “permanent foundation”? Thanks to anyone that knows anything about this! :)

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Is there a downpayment required if you get a manufactured home on a usda rural development loan?

i would ask my loan officer but its the weekend so hes not in. we’re just trying to keep our minds open while im researching.

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Can you get conventional financing on a manufactured home?

The homes I am looking at are on their own land and all have crawl spaces. I am looking to buy in any of the counties surrounding Charlotte, NC but not in Charlotte.

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