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How to get into a house with marginal credit but a good income?

I am married with a combined income of $125,000/yr. We filed a joint bankruptcy approximately 5 years ago. My wifes credit, while not extensive (3-4 Credit cards–nothing over 1,000 limit) is all good except for the Banko. I have not used credit in about 15 years with one exception and that was a small ($5K) loan which was paid on time.

I spent many years self-employed though I am now in a permanent position and have been for the past 7 months. My wife still contracts as I did, but may be taking a permanent position in the comming month as well. I also have an existing Federal tax lien (appx 15K).

It’s not at all pretty, but would like to know from any experts in the field if they have any ideas as I am really tired of throwing away 1500/mo in rent–thanks
Would the Federal tax lien HAVE to ...

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