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What is the best program for a mortgage loan for a 72 yr old with?

an income of $900.00 a month, credit score of 530 (midpoint). Also have a CD worth $20,000 I could use. Not in a rural area per se, but willing to live rural if there is ruralness in Colorado Springs, CO, or nearby town (maybe Falcon).

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Is there mortgage insurance for USDA loans?

I’m just trying to research my loan options to get myself the lowest payment possible and the USDA loan looks very promising. The only question that I can’t seem to find an answer to is whether or not it will require Private Mortgage insurance like an FHA loan. If anyone knows that would be great. My location is in Northern Virginia if that helps at all.

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What kind of questions should you ask the loan officer when completing a mortgage application?

Really not sure about this, any advice would be very much appreciated.

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How can i qualify for a mortgage with a 620 credit score?

im interested in buying a home. my first child is here now and i underestimated the amount of space that my spouse and i need to function properly. ive never owned a home and am in desperate need to upsize! Please help.


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I am about to buy a home with an inground pool that is 12 years old in fair condition. The type of mortgage?

The type of mortgage loan I am getting is 100% financing ( USDA ), but will not finance the value the pool brings to the home on the appraisal. Does anybody have any idea what kind of value, if any, does an inground pool bring to the value of a home on an appraisal. Just kinda know how much $$ I am looking at. Thanks.

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