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Does the first time homebuyer tax cut in the stimulus plan apply to people who go through the USDA program?

I’m very curious to know if people who get their mortgage through the USDA program still qualify for the $8000.

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nonrefundable grants for people with disibilities for free land and housing?

I want to own land in northern wisconsin and build my own home using my own drafting skills,with the help of perfessonals in the building this home!

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Crazy People

This week Mona And Angie Shares About Crazy People.

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How can people NOT want to move to San Francisco?

I just got back from a weekend trip out to the West Coast and I LOVED the Bay Area, even with this rare rain storm that will be gone by Thursday.

The nation’s friendliest people, I love the steep up and down streets, great food, ALMOST always great weather, 2 hours from snow ski resorts, 2 hours from Desert, 1 hour from vineyards, 2 hours from Gigantic redwood trees, Marin County was AWESOME, Berkeley speaks for itself, work ANY job low-skill or high-skilled and you get 100% of the amenities just like that!

This city is incredible, if I were jobless I’d find a way to the Bay Area, I’d dumpster dive, live on Telegraph Street Berkeley, get 50 people together to share a car.

This would be challenging and adventurous, and WAYYY more fun than sitting in some crappy East Coast town whining th...

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