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I just bought a home in September, when can I purchase another?

I live in California (kern county), and wanted to buy another home to rent out. What do I need to do to get another home? I.e. how much downpayment, type of loan, and waiting period? I presently have a USDA loan for the home in currently living in. Thanks in advance!

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Is it possible to purchase a property with a mortgage with a recent bankruptcy?

Many people will have their credit rating tarnish through this fallout. How can one go about buying a home with a bankruptcy!

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if i purchase a home that is under market value do i need a down payment?

I am considering buying a house from a family friend and looking at the best way to do it. The house is worth 160K-180K but would be purchasing it for somewhere around 120K. Being that the house is valued so much more would I not need a down payment and how do I figure in taxes and such? I am a first time home buyer with a decent salary, but only been working at the current place for 1.5 years. Any suggestions on how to go about doing this?

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Is putting down a big down payment for a home purchase necessary?

Is there a possible way to get a home or home loan without the heavy downpayment. I know if you have good credit that is a way to lower things, but what else?

What are the best ways to get a home with little to no money down?

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Skagit County Home Buyer Event – Recession Proof Your Home Purchase

www.2011homebuyered.com This event is a 1-hour homebuyer workshop that will explain how I show my clients the ways I help them recession proof and bubble proof their home purchase. More so, I give them a plan that I guarantee to show them how to be debt free and mortgage free in less than 10-years without spending a cent more per month than originally budgeted. http For more info on me and my Team, visit www.mymortgageguydan.com

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