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Question about taking out a mortgage on a home?

We plan on buying a home in about six months and we will be first time home buyers.

We have enough saved up for a down payment and we were planning on paying off our cars loans which would takes us about 4-6 more months which is why we are waiting.

Although we found a home for sale that we fell in love with, and our question is, for example: if we bought this home lets say within a month or so, but don’t move in for a few more months, is there something you can work out with a lender so you don’t have to make any payments till you move in. Or once you sign and bought the house, next month payment is yours?

We haven’t talked to a mortgage lender yet because we weren’t planning on moving out no earlier than six months from now...

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question about usda home loan?

Hi, I am looking into a USDA home loan. I already qualify based on the county I want to purchase my home in and also by my income. I am a little worried about my credit score, though. my credit score is a 638. I only have one credit card, which I have only had for 3 months, but it has never been late. Does anyone know if this is going to disqualify me? Thanks for all of your help!

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