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I am about to buy a home with an inground pool that is 12 years old in fair condition. The type of mortgage?

The type of mortgage loan I am getting is 100% financing ( USDA ), but will not finance the value the pool brings to the home on the appraisal. Does anybody have any idea what kind of value, if any, does an inground pool bring to the value of a home on an appraisal. Just kinda know how much $$ I am looking at. Thanks.

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Foreclosure: What income determines what type of loan modification program you qualify for?

My relative is in foreclosure. He’s been in contact with the lender and is trying to work out a modification. They ask about income, rental property, all expenses, etc, then determine what type of program you qualify for. What determines which plan? They have said that he may not qualify for any based on his income. Is there a certain calculator they use or a certain percentage?

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